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This week’s Shooting Challenge Winner!


Night Sweats 3 by Zoe Van De Velde

Congratulations once again ago to Zoe Van De Velde, in our final Shooting Challenge of this series.  Zoe has entered every week and brought with her thought provoking ideas and meanings which challenge the standard norms in HIV awareness work.  From the onset in Night Sweats 3, Zoe is illustrating seroconversion from the beginnings of HIV infection.  Though this photograph could also depict advanced HIV infection or possibly AIDS.

Zoe has said she is reminded of the Thom Gunn poem entitled “The Man with Night Sweats’ as he saw his friends dying.

I wake up cold, I who

Prospered through dreams of heat
Wake up to their residue,
Sweat, and a clinging sheet.

My flesh was its own shield:
Where it was gashed, it healed.

I grew as I explored
The body I could trust
Even while I adored
The risk that made robust,

A world of wonders in
Each challenge to the skin.

I cannot be sorry
The given shield was cracked
My mind reduced to hurry,
My flesh reduced and wrecked.

I have to change the bed,
But catch myself instead.

We hope to catch up with Zoe in the near future and talk about her photographs she has shared with us.

An overall winner of the shooting challenge will be chosen on Wednesday 17th December 2014 at the Positive Art exhibition on Charles Street, Leicester.  (Details here)

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Shooting Challenge, we hope you had fun with your photography as we have had viewing your photographs.

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