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Positive Men’s Support Group

Do you wish there was a support group, specifically for men where you can talk to other guys about the HIV related issues that affect you?

Well, you’re in good company!

LASS are working with HIV positive men to support and address issues that affect them.  We hope to understand the issues properly so we can better educate the various services across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland so more men have better access to health care, information and advice, tailored to meet the needs of HIV positive men.

Our first meeting is today, 12th March between 17:30 – 19:00 at LASS (53 Regent Road, Leicester, LE1 6YF – click for a map).  We appreciate that for some, this is immediately after work so we’re providing food, (Pizza) – vegetarian and Halal options available.

We do hope you’re able to attend, as this is the first group, we’re seeking members to get involved and set the agenda for future meetings so we can support each other and develop support services throughout the county.

If you would like any further information, please contact Chaz, on 0116 2559995 or by email to: chaz@lass.org.uk

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Today is World Hepatitis Day & Find Out What LASS is Doing To Help

Following the World Health Assembly in May 2010, it was agreed that World Hepatitis Day would be recognised annually on 28 July.

World Hepatitis Day is an annual event which provides international focus for patient groups and people living with hepatitis.  It is an opportunity where interested groups can raise awareness and influence real change in disease prevention and access to testing and treatment.

Since its inception back in 2008 thousands of events have taken place around the world, generating massive public and media interest.  The World Hepatitis Alliance has also received support from governments worldwide, high-profile Non-Governmental Organisations and supranational bodies, such as Médecins Sans Frontières.

LASS would like to invite you to an open day, to help identify the needs of individuals in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland living with Hepatitis or who are co-infected with HIV and Hepatitis.

We envision a support group where individuals can collaborate and share knowledge with the aim to manage the condition in a supportive environment.  Suggestions so far include telephone support, full access to Hepatitis reference materials and one on one home visits (provided we can secure appropriate funding).  

We’re meeting in Loughborough, on Wednesday 3rd August in the afternoon, if you like to come along, please contact Michael on 0116 2559995 or email him directly and we’ll be happy to send you more information.

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