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Emmerdale spoilers: Val Pollard to have health crisis(!)

Val Pollard

Val Pollard (Charlie Hardwick) is to be at the centre of a February plotline on Emmerdale that will focus on her HIV diagnosis.

Last year, the character of Val discovered that she had contracted HIV in the wake of holiday fling. Now, the ITV soap is to re-examine the story strand with a fresh “health crisis” for the B&B owner.

“It’s a status that Val will live with for the rest of her life and it’s not necessarily an easy road, so we just wanted to go back to the story and explore a different side of it,” said series producer Kate Oates.

After commenting on This Morning that she was “so proud” of the way that actress Charlie Hardwick had tackled the “really tough storyline”, Oates added:

“Val may have a bit of a health crisis and that might do something to the way she views her own health and status. Maybe it will be a bump in the road for her, which Eric’s going to have to handle. And Finn as well, who’s her new surrogate boy.”

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