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Trustee’s Annual Report 2013/2014


LASS continues to provide a vital service to its service users. It remains a difficult job to maintain our funding levels in order that we can continue to provide that service. As chair of the board of trustees I extend our gratitude to all our funders, amongst whom are all the local Councils and many other institutions and organisations. Furthermore, there are donations from individuals whose contributions, no matter how modest are greatly appreciated and very valued.

The work which LASS does would not be possible without the time contributions which our many volunteers make. Volunteers are essential to what we do and whether it be the giving of time to assist in the kitchen, answer the phones or assist as a trustee on the board, without our volunteers being so generous with their time we could not function.

Over the last year LASS has been involved in many projects, we have contributed to National Testing Week and World Aids Day as ever. We continue to provide an accessible and popular testing service. We organized a very popular Women’s Conference at De Montfort University at which the key note speaker was Liz Kendall MP. A number of positive women spoke at this conference and gave very moving accounts of their experiences. The conference was also addressed by senior medics who work locally with HIV and a number of other women from different professional backgrounds gave presentations on various other topics. So successful was this day that we plan to organise more.

LASS remains sensitive to and reactive to the need of our service users. We encourage feedback from our service users and do our best to anticipate what their future needs might be. We continue to work closely with other local organisations and charities concerned in sexual health and wellbeing. Furthermore, we are assisting in research projects with both local Universities and continuing to develop our research capacity more internationally.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu continues to be our international patron and we are very grateful to him for the interest he continues to demonstrate in the activities of LASS and his involvement in our World Aids Day projects.

Sadly we lost Michael Louttit this year. One of the projects which Michael was very involved with in the past was our work with the local prisons and probation and trying to develop our work with people living with Hepatitis. That work continues to grow and develop and stands as a memorial to Michael.
Considerable work has been done in the last year to restructure LASS and prepare for us to become incorporated. This has been an essential but complex project.
Looking to the future, we will continue to provide the high levels of service to our service users, doing our best to ensure that we maintain our funding levels in order to do so. Our collaborative work will continue in the community and we will remain dynamic and optimistic about the future.

Finally, on behalf of the board of trustees I extend our gratitude to Jenny and her team who work for LASS who continue to do an outstanding job for LASS.

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Patrick Bowe

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