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SEEK concludes HIV-v vaccine Phase Ib/II trial

UK based biopharmaceutical firm SEEK has concluded a Phase Ib/II trial evaluating the safety, efficacy and tolerability of HIV-v vaccine.

The vaccine showed almost 90% difference in viral count in HIV-infected patients in comparison to placebo group, following a single vaccine injection.

SEEK claims its HIV-v vaccine targets only the conserved regions in the internal proteins of the HIV virus which remain constant across all HIV strains.

The company expects to investigate partnerships to undertake complete human trials during 2012-13.

SEEK CEO Gregory Stoloff said the next step will be to progress this to final human trials and determine the optimum dose and dosing regime to further enhance the vaccine’s efficacy.

SEEK chief scientific officer Wilson Caparros Wanderley said the results demonstrate that after a single immunizationthe HIV-v vaccine produces a response from both the antibody and T cell immune systems to the conserved regions only.

Original article written by Pharmaceutical Business Review

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