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Media Reports on HIV/AIDS – 1982 – 1992

82-92 news clips

The following, near hour reel of news clips is fascinating watching if you’re interested on early HIV/AIDS news reports.

The clips begin by informing us of a rare type of cancer which only gay men appear to contract resulting in a new ‘Gay Disease’ called AIDS.   What follows is a genuine account of how western media documented and reported on HIV / AIDS including stereotypes and blatant discrimination both toward the HIV & Gay communities.  It was only after the high profile death of  actor Rock Hudson did we see large groups of people mobilise and start to take “HIV/AIDS” seriously, in part due to the nature of HIV affecting all populations and not just homosexuals.

The videos you are about to see are products of their time.  They may depict some of the prejudices that were common place in society.  These depictions were wrong then and are wrong today.  While the following does not represent LASS’ view of today’s society these clips is are being presented as they were originally broadcast, because to do otherwise would be the same as claiming these prejudices never existed.


  • Rare Cancer Type Traced To Homosexuals 6/17/1982
  • Gay Disease (Aids) 6/16/1982
  • Doctors Search For Answers To Aids Mystery 6/20/1983
  • Nyc Gay Parade 6/26/1983
  • Gay Pride Day Calls For Aids Help 6/27/1983
  • House Of Reps Hears Testimony On Aids 8/2/1983
  • Government Reports Scientific Breakthrough In Aids Research 4/23/1984
  • Sf Public Health Dept Closes Down Bath Houses In Sf To Curb Aids Epidemic 10/9/1984
  • Houston Prepares To Vote On Referendum On Civil Rights For Homosexuals 1/19/1985
  • Aids – Part 4 Of 5 9/12/1985
  • Actor Rock Hudson Dies After Battle With Aids 10/2/1985
  • Reporting Of Aids Cases Levels Off Indicating Change In Sexual Behavior 10/16/1985
  • Aids Becoming Political Issue In 1986 Campaigns 10/18/1985
  • Closing Of Mineshaft Gay Bar Amid Aids Crisis 11/6/1985
  • Aids Junkies 1/20/1986
  • Kokomo Parents Seek To Block Aids Boy From Returning To Class 2/20/1986
  • Ryan White Arrives For First Day Of School 8/26/1986
  • Ryan White Dies At 18 The Victim Of Aids 4/8/1990
  • Scotus To Determine States Rights On Legislative Restrictions On Gay Acts 3/31/1986
  • Justice Dept Rules Employers Can Fire Aids Victims To Prevent Aids Spreading 6/23/1986
  • Ultra-Right Winger Lyndon Larouche Asks For Quarantine Of Aids Victims 6/25/1986
  • The First Hospital Devoted To Aids Treatment : Research Opens In Texas 8/27/1986
  • Controversy Continues Over Prop 64 Which Would Quarantine Aids Patients 9/16/1986
  • Federal Government Approves Sale Of Azt In Prescription Form 3/20/1987
  • Pres Reagan Urges Youth To Abstain From Sex To Avoid Aids 4/1/1987
  • Col Legislature Considers Bill Requiring Drs To Report Names Of Hiv Positive 4/22/1987
  • Reagan Admins Long Range Plans For Aids Include Mandatory Testing 5/28/1987
  • Reagan Administration Speaks Out On Topic Of Aids Testing 6/1/1987
  • Pres Reagan Names National Commission On Aids : Includes Gay Activist 7/23/1987
  • Front Page: Gay March Contends With Aids Issue 10/11/1987
  • Washington Gay March 10/11/1987
  • Gays Protest Outside Scotus Over Lack Of Aids Funding 10/13/1987
  • Aids Protest In Nyc 3/24/1988
  • Stonewall:Gay Parade Natsot Material 6/25/1989
  • Gay Lib Demonstrators Celebrate Twenty Years Out Of The Closet 6/25/1989
  • Azt Testing Gives New Hope To Aids Patients 8/18/1989
  • After Eight: Aids Militants (Interview With Larry Kramer) 3/20/1990
  • Aids In The 90s 3/27/1990
  • Magic Johnson Press Conference Re: Testing Positive For Aids Virus 11/7/1991
  • Aids Conference In Florence Will Focus On Explosion Of Epidemic In Africa 6/16/1991
  • Aids Is Spreading Through Developing Countries 6/17/1991
  • Aids Quilt Unfurled In Washington 10/10/1992