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Shooting Challenge: Week 5 Winner & Week 6: “Unsafe Sex”


HIV Testing by Estelle Keeber

Congratulations to Estelle Keeber, who created a collage of emotions.  Estelle has said there are various emotions when confronted with HIV testing and there is a mix of people to show that HIV and HIV testing can affect everyone.  She also said this is light hearted, hence the exaggerated expressions but the message is clear.  That it is ok to feel however you want about HIV testing, that everyone is different.  You can see Estelle’s work and that of all our Shooting Challenge entrants (up to last week) at the Positive Art exhibition on Charles Street, Leicester.  (Details here)

Other entrants this week are Celia Fisher, Gavin Whyman and Zoe Van-De-Velde, (images below).  Thank you all for your pictures this week and we can’t wait to see what you come up with next week!


It Started With Me by Celia Fisher


Powers Of Persuasion by Celia Fisher


Know your Viruses by Gavin Whyman



Witch Trial by Zoe Van-De-Velde


As with last week, there’s no photographic technique this week but we do want you the conform to theme.  We’ve spoken about stigma, big phama, chastity, infections, HIV testing & Safe Sex.  This week, we’d like to know how you would photograph Unsafe Sex.  (Now, bear in mind we’re a family blog, so nothing which can be considered pornographic thank you)!

You do not need to be a photographer to join into this competition (and if your a student of the art, we’d love to see your ideas and pictures)!  Almost everyone has a camera on their phone, everyone is capable of taking photographs – we’d like to tap into this, get creative with the gear you already have, it’s not about the tech, it’s about YOU!


Photograph what you consider unsafe sex to be.  This could be a broken condom, (no condoms)? — drugs, one night stands, alcohol, etc.. get creative and show us how you can represent what unsafe sex can be!  You could be literal, conceptual, funny, clever, thought provoking, depressive, emotive, sexy, it’s all about what you can come up with, and who knows, you could win!



Ready & Waiting by Tom Robson

In the photograph above, you see clear signs of substance abuse together with an on-line dating app.  What’s just happened? – The individual is face down, is he conscious? Did he manage to get a fix? Did he manage to find someone before he passed out?  What did he say to them if he did? How will he be looked after?  Can he be assured he’s about to have safe sex? These are just the starting questions from this photograph.  Is there anything in this scene which is safe? – Has he called for an ambulance? What is about to happen?

This shot was quickly set up and posed for, yet it’s connotations are that of unsafe sex. – What will your gaze tell you?


  • Follow the brief
  • Send your best photos by 6PM on Sunday 7th December 2014 with “Shooting Challenge” in the subject to photography@lass.org.uk and we’ll announce the winner on Monday, 8th December as we set the theme for next week’s shooting challenge.
  • Submissions must be your own work.
  • Photos must be taken after the challenge was published; so no existing shots please.
  • Explain briefly in your submission email the equipment, settings, technique used and the story behind the image/images.
  • We will of course credit you so if you have a website or twitter handle, let us know! – If you’re happy for us to use the images elsewhere on our site – do let us know!
  • Save your image as a JPG, and use the following naming convention FirstnameLastnameUnsafe.jpg
  • Anyone can enter, regardless of camera gear, or location!
  • The most important rule — HAVE FUN!
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