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Yoga Session Brings in £650 for The Global Natural Health Care Trust

It can be easy and pleasurable to generate funds to help support HIV work, both in the UK and Africa.  The following story is an example of how Yoga classes, an Auction and a Barbecue can help raise money for good causes.

The Global Natural Healthcare Trust (GNHCT) are a UK based registered charity founded by Cornish local Annette Montague-Thomas.  Annette has over 25 years experience in Africa where she has worked for UNICEF in Nairobi in Kenya, and in the past 9 years has been assisting young children who are afflicted and affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic in South Africa.  Overseas, they are based on The Orange Farm informal settlement which is about one and a half hours South of Johannesburg.

The settlement is home to over 4 million Africans of varying tribes. The settlement is not only the largest in South Africa, but in the whole of Africa. It is fair to state that not even one quarter of the residents have any work and many are surviving at near starvation level.  They live in abject poverty with homes that are usually no more than shacks with no sewerage system.  Many of the homes don’t even have running water.

A recent event by “Yoga Rocks” at Lusty Glaze Beach raised £650 for he Global Natural Health Care Trust and this money will help support the charity’s work in Africa to help people affected by HIV.

The evening of yoga classes with some of the UK’s top teachers included a charity auction and a barbecue provided by chefs at Lusty Glaze and enjoyed by more than 150 people.

The charity runs a herbal clinic in the country’s worst-affected area, helping to save lives on a daily basis as well as providing homes for more than 10,000 orphans in its foster care system.

Yoga Rocks’ founders are yoga teacher Rhoda McGivern, Debbie Luffman from Finisterre and Gemma Ford from Love Yoga Online.

Mrs McGivern said: “The atmosphere was so lovely, we can’t believe how many people turned up on a rainy Monday evening to help us to raise money for a charity so close to our hearts.”

They have thanked everyone who volunteered to make the event happen, especially the team from Finisterre whose energy and enthusiasm were “simply amazing”.

The Yoga Rocks’ team is organising future events to be held in various venues around Cornwall, with potential venues also in London and America.

To offer help, please contact rhomcgivern@gmail.com or visit their websites:

Original article compiled from the above sources and thisiscornwall

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World AIDS Day 2011: LASS In The News – ITV1 Julie’s Real Story and Our Free Rapid HIV Testing Service!

We are pleased publish our local advert to promote HIV testing, in our office location in Leicester Town Centre, on Regent Road.

This advert speaks with 15 languages internationally.  This advert cost marginally and considerably less than the Governments 1987 “Tombstone” Advert.

Our message is clear, it is better to know your own HIV status and you can get a HIV test at LASS, and have the result within a minute!

Our team of volunteers have specialist training to provide a free and confidential test, we also have a fantastic support team to provide after-care and further information if required.  We also have established network links so we can refer to more specialist agencies all around Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland so you can be sure to get expert advice for your needs.

We also have a support group called LhivE, a group of people from Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland who are living with HIV.  Living with HIV brings a whole set of its own issues and LhivE demonstrate that people living with HIV can lead fulfilling and safe lives with choices.

We hope you like our new advert and hope that you’ll feel comfortable to contact us if you would like a free and confidential test.

The city of Leicester has the fastest-rising HIV rate in the east Midlands and the sixth-highest in the country.

Meanwhile, in 2009/10, national research demonstrated that community testing was effective in delivering tests to those at risk, preventing late diagnosis and thereby reducing onward transmission. As there was no such community testing service in Leicester, we set about creating one!

It is the training of our volunteers which makes the project unique as a method of engaging with specific African communities which are considered to have a high need.  As well as delivering courses to train volunteers to carry out tests among Zimbabwean and Congolese community groups, we also provide a safe and confidential place for people to receive a test.

Our volunteers have created a 50-second advert promoting the value of knowing your HIV status in 15 languages.

We have delivered more than 400 tests, more than half of which are to the BME communities in the region.  While the first phase of the project involved delivering tests only from our building, funding has ensured  we can use our van to take testing to more venues across Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland.

We were delighted to be highly commended by the Charity Awards, the UK charity sector’s most prestigious awards scheme earlier this year, after being short-listed in the Healthcare & Medical Research category.   This means we have been judged to be of the best 32 Charities in the whole country. Our sincere thanks go to all our service users, volunteers, staff and people in partner organisations who are the real reason we have achieved such a magnificent accolade. Community based HIV testing and our advertisement for this service were the basis of for our application.


The Health Protection Agency (HPA) predicts that unless more focus is given to HIV prevention and routine testing, more people could become infected.

It is 30 years since the first case of HIV was formally diagnosed, and since then there have been several major breakthroughs in medical treatment resulting in longer life expectancy for those infected by the virus.

But some medical experts now believe because of the success of anti viral drugs in prolonging the lives of carriers, it has led to complacency.

HPA figures show that in the last three decades 115,000 people have been diagnosed with HIV in the UK alone, with 27,000 people having gone on to develop full-blown Aids – and 20,000 of those having since died.

We need a complete and wholesome approach to treating HIV and most importantly help prevent its spread – Dr Rupert Whitaker, a long-standing HIV survivor

But what is worrying the medical profession and campaign pressure groups is that, despite all the medical advances over the last three decades, the number of HIV cases in the UK is expected to rise next year to 100,000 and some of those cases will be people who do not yet realise they have been infected by the virus.

Dr Valerie Delpech, Head of HIV surveillance at the HPA, believes widespread testing is urgently needed to help get new cases diagnosed.

“It is so crucial when treating someone who is HIV positive as quickly as possible. That way their lives can be prolonged considerably,” she said.

“Provided someone is tested within the early stages of infection, so they have only had HIV for a short time, and they receive effective medication followed up by effective therapy, then their life expectancy is very good.

“In fact we can safely say HIV is no longer a life threatening illness but a chronic life long condition which if treated correctly can mean people can live to their normal life expectancy.”

LASS are registered for JustTextGiving which enables supporters to make donations of up to £10 by text message.

It’s easy to donate to LASS, and it takes no time at all, simply text: “LASS25 £10″ to 70070.  (You can change the amount of your donation to: £1, £2, £3, £4 or £5 if you prefer) and you’ll receive a text message receipt, and the chance to add Gift Aid by text or in web form.  More details are available from this link.

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How Can You Support LASS If You Don’t Have The Time?

LASS is registered for JustTextGiving which enables supporters to make donations of up to £10 by text message.

It’s easy to donate to LASS, and it takes no time at all, simply text: “LASS25 £10” to 70070.  (You can change the amount of your donation to: £1, £2, £3, £4 or £5 if you prefer) and you’ll receive a text message receipt, and the chance to add Gift Aid by text or in web form.

When you make a text donation, it’ll either be deducted from your mobile phone credit or added to your mobile phone bill – and you won’t pay any VAT on your donation.

Has LASS helped you or a friend recently? We provide support for people affected or infected with HIV, our services are free, confidential and individually tailored in consultation with each service user to meet their specific needs. We  aim to assist people in making the best choices for themselves, and to maximise their own potential.

We offer a completely free and confidential rapid HIV test and you’ll get the results within 60 seconds from a simple finger prick test and especially around World AIDS Day, we do everything we can to prevent the spread of HIV and to promote positive sexual health through education, training and community initiatives.

It’s World AIDS day soon, you’ll see us out at supermarkets, school’s, collages, art exhibitions and fund-raisers, feel free to ask us questions and support our cause and if you havent donated to LASS this World AIDS Day yet, please consider a £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or even a £10 donation by text.  It’s simple, quick and easy, you could it right now: LASS25 £10 to 70070

Thank  You

Celebrities Step Out For Top Gastronomic Parties To Raise £80,000 For People Living With HIV

Celebrity guests attending HIV and sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust’s The Supper Club event last Tuesday night helped to raise around £80,000 to support people living with HIV. Famous names attending a variety of exclusive London dinner parties included Cilla Black, Graham Norton, Rory Bremner, Russell Tovey, Sean Pertwee, Dan Gillespie Sells, Charlie Condou, Francis Barber, Ronni Ancona and MP Nick Herbert.

The Supper Club saw 45 first class dinner parties taking place simultaneously in some of London’s finest restaurants including Scott’s, Mr Chow, China Tang, J.Sheekey, Massimo and The Greenhouse, all donated free of charge for Terrence Higgins Trust.

After dinner, guests were chauffeured to a glamorous, cocktail-filled after party at Piccadilly’s Café De Paris, hosted by Coronation Street star Charlie Condou. Guests drank Honey Ryder and Passion Fruit Martini vodka cocktails sponsored by Belvedere and danced to entertainment from five-piece Camden indie disco outfit, Kentish Fire.

Genevieve Edwards, Terrence Higgins Trust’s Executive Director of Fundraising, said:“Thank you to everyone who made The Supper Club such a huge success, with the very finest food and drink London has to offer and a fabulous after party. Our supporters once again did us proud with a show-stopper of an event which has raised huge amounts of money to support people living with HIV.

“With World AIDS Day just round the corner it’s a vital time to raise awareness of HIV so we’re delighted so many of our guests turned out in force again last night to show their support for this cause.”

Original Article via THT

So now you’ve heard what the celebs are doing to help raise money for people living with HIV.  You may wonder if there’s anything in your area similar where you can get some good food, get together with a good charitable cause and donate to your local HIV Charity.. Ohh that us!

Check out our “Fancy A Curry” page for details of our fundraising evening at Cuisine of India restaurant.

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EQ Festival At The Musician

Tucked away in a quiet back street in the heart of Leicester, The Musician is the Midlands premier independent music venue. With live music at least six nights a week, it holds 220 people and features comfortable seating, full disabled access, easy parking and a selection of real ales.

Since opening in 2000, The Musician’s reputation has been built on presenting the very best home grown and international performers in a relaxed and friendly environment. With a supremely eclectic booking policy the venue regularly features everything from contemporary singer-songwriters to rock, blues, folk, ska, punk, world, bluegrass, reggae, metal, soul, indie, avant-garde and Americana.

We hope you’ll come down on the 26th August to join the festivties which is helping to raise money for Leicestershire AIDS Support Services, acts performing on the night include:

Counteraction, Shapeshifter/Multimorph, Grace & The Magic Roots, Roger Pugh and Sleeping Through Rapture.

Tickets costs a mere £2.50 and the party starts at 6:30pm, til late, see you there!

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An Evening Of Fundraising Discussion

LASS would like to invite you to a meeting to discuss fundraising ideas and to plan events.  If you have ideas on how we can raise money, and you have the time and enthusiasm to make them a reality, please come along and see how you can get involved.

Date & Time:    Thursday 14th April at 6pm
Location:    LASS (53 Regent Road, Leicester, LE1 6YF)
Call us on 0116 2559995


ood afternoon,


On behalf of LASS, I’d like to invite you to a meeting to discuss fundraising ideas and to plan events.  If you have ideas on how we can raise money, and you have the time and enthusiasm to make them a reality, please come along and see how you can get involved.


Date & Time:      Thursday 14th April at 6pm

Location:              LASS (53 Regent Road, Leicester, LE1 6YF)



This will be last time we send a general email to all volunteers, we have been asking our volunteers to subscribe to our blog to stay updated with our news, information and events.  We’ve made it really easy for you to keep up to date with our news and updates online and there’s a variety of options which you can choose from to stay informed.  (Subscribe Here)

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