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Training Sessions (January – March 2015)


Celia Fisher (@LASSCelia) delivering HIV training at LASS.


Upcoming training in the new year includes HIV awareness, Hepatitis, Mental Health, Circumcision / FGM & HIV & The Law.

All sessions include group discussions and some include guest speakers. Please book using the LASS training booking form and email to training@lass.org.uk.

We have introduced some new sessions into the programme this term, as well as including the popular sessions.  Please note that sessions will start promptly and late comers may not be admitted depending on the discretion of the facilitator.

  •  29th January 2015 1-3pm
  • HIV & Hepatitis Update
  • Facilitated & delivered by LASS

The aim of this session is to provide an update of the recent advances and information about HIV & Hepatitis – including transmission, risks, treatment and statistics. It is beneficial to consider these blood borne viruses in one session and to explore the wider determinants of these viruses.

The session will be of interest and benefit to people who deliver health, HIV, Hepatitis or other support services such as housing, job advice, those who work with people living with / affected by or more at risk of HIV and/or Hepatitis. The session will benefit individuals who want to be up to date with their knowledge.

  • 5th February 2015 10am – 1pm
  • HIV & Mental Health   
  • Facilitated and delivered by Hayley Poole (clinical psychologist) and Celia Fisher.

 The aim of the session is to consider and review the links between HIV and mental health, from diagnosis through to good health and beyond. We will consider different aspects of mental health and factors specifically associated with HIV.

The session will include discussion about services, pathways and self-help, with approaches and mechanisms for managing our own mental health.

The session will be of interest to people who deliver health & related services, such as housing, job & career advice, community development, substance misuse, those who work with people living with or affected by HIV who may have mental health issues.

  • 5th March 2015: 10am  – 1pm
  • HIV & Circumcision / FGM – Understanding, issues and actions?
  • Facilitated by Maryan Anshur of Somali Development Services and Celia Fisher of LASS

 The session in November generated a lot of discussion and debate about both male circumcision and FGM, with FGM being a challenging topic for many people. This follow up session will enable others to find out about these topics and to continue the learning through discussion and listening. The session will explore our own and media perceptions and messages associated with circumcision and FGM. T

We will consider what action we need to take in working with women who have suffered FGM and with girls and young women who may be at risk of FGM.

The session will be of interest to people who deliver sexual health & HIV services, those who work with different communities in various settings including schools and colleges.

  • 23rd March 2015: 1-4pm
  • HIV & The Law
  • Facilitated by LASS

In March 2014, LASS facilitated an update of the situation regarding HIV & the Law and criminalisation for reckless transmission of HIV, delivered by Robert James of Birkbeck University. There have been some developments in the past year or more in the way the police investigate allegations, so the situation is not static.

This session will provide a refresher about this topic and will cover the changing approaches that police forces and the CPS are taking in investigations.

The session will be of interest to people who are living with or affected by HIV and for support workers and practitioners.

We also offer bespoke sessions for organisations and communities covering a range of topics. Please get in touch if you have particular training needs.


We are also planning some sessions for people living with or affected by HIV: HIV & Relationships on 3rd February and HIV & Mental health on 3rd March, so please advertise these sessions with people you work with.

We are also looking at a Happy parenting course – perhaps 2 Saturdays – for people living with or affected by HIV who have children / are involved in child care within the family (grandpas & grandmas, uncles, aunts etc.). This will include a range of topics – hopes & aspirations; coping with stress; parenting dilemmas and solutions; the effect of food on mood: sleep; and others!

We’ll have more information on the above two courses in the new year.  For more information on training at LASS, please see Celia Fisher.


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