HIV Awareness Training


This course covers HIV and is intended to provide a good level of HIV awareness in the community. It will also provide indepth knowledge of treatment, up to date best practice and knowledge of STIs and their management.

It will help to improve your knowledge to current national standards.

Our course is highly recommended for those who work or live with people who live with HIV, for support staff who’s clientele live with HIV or for individuals who would like refresher training on the subject. This is a 4 hour course at The Michael Wood Centre where LASS is based.

Location & DATE / TIME

  • The Michael Wood Centre, 53 Regent Road, Leicester, LE1 6YF
  • Wed 27 June 2018
  • 11:00 – 15:00 BST

Learning Objectives

  • Learn more about HIV/AIDS and why it is still an issue in 2018
  • Testing, Treatment, Prevention and Care
  • Reflect on our own beliefs, perceptions and experiences of HIV
  • HIV Stigma and Discrimination
  • Familiarise ourselves with HIV/AIDS in a UK context

HIV: the facts

  • HIV and AIDS
  • HIV Prevention
  • HIV Treatment and Care
  • Human Rights and HIV


  • Testing
  • PEP
  • PREP
  • Test and Treat
  • Treatment as Prevention (TasP)
  • Condoms & Lube/Femidoms – How, Where, When and Why?


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