Healthcare hubs – Have your say on the location of a fourth healthcare hub in the city


Patients in Leicester are being asked for their views on the Leicester City Healthcare Hubs, including the location of a potential fourth hub to replace the walk-in centre at Merlyn Vaz Health and Social Care Centre when the contract comes to an end later this year. This comes as Leicester City CCG prepares to put the hubs in place as permanent services from April 2017.

The contract for the walk-in centre based at the Merlyn Vaz Health and Social Care Centre, is due to end on September 30, 2017. It is proposed to replace the walk-in centre with a community healthcare hub similar to services soon to be offered at the Westcotes hub.

The CCG has developed two options on where the proposed new hub could be located and is now inviting patients, their carers and members of the public to share their views on the changes.

The hub could be located at the Merlyn Vaz Health and Social Care Centre offering a small range of diagnostic services. A further option is for it to be located at Leicester General Hospital, where there is potential for it to have the ability to carry out observations on patients as well as more advanced diagnostics in the future.

You can read about the proposals for the healthcare hubs in full in the NHS engagement document by clicking here.  If you would like to complete the survey, you can do so here.

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