My HIV, My Rules, My Journey…


Panti Bliss, aka Rory O’Niell. Photograph by Conor Horgan

Gilead, together with Positively UK, George House Trust and The Sussex Beacon have come together in a hilarious new video about owning your own  ‘HIV Adventure’

The core message of the new campaign  is that many people living with HIV today are crucial in the role of helping health and care providers better understand HIV, how it impacts day to day life and how to treat it.

We love the video which features Panti Bliss take control of her HIV and go on a journey to long-term health and well-being but it doesn’t stop there.

Their website offers practical information, things to consider and questions you can direct to your health care team, covering sexual and nonsexual health, finance, mental health and confidence building among others.

There are a number of ways that people living with HIV can get involved in decisions about HIV treatment and care services in their local area or even at a national level. Some of these involve contributing to local organisations that decide how resources are allocated or how local services are conducted.  Be sure to keep HIV high on the public agenda by joining in.

For more information about the brilliant campaign, visit : for more information.


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