We’ve gone and done it, WE’RE ON INSTAGRAM NOW!


Things change, you change, we change, funding for HIV services change but despite some of the difficulties in the sector, we seem to be connected better than ever before thanks in part to Social Media.

We’d like to introduce to you, our new Instagram account: LASSLeics. You’ll find pictures of events, of our resources and general nice things to look at, not all necessarily HIV related but you can be sure to be visually treated.

As a recap, we wanted to ensure you know where we are online so you can use whatever service you use to follow and keep in touch with us.


This will always be http://www.lass.org.uk.  Our site features information on HIV testing (which can be free) and you get your result straight away! It also states what our services are, policies and contact information.  We’re actually updating our site so stay tuned for more updates.


http://blog.lass.org.uk. (What you’re reading now).  Here we share what’s new both at LASS, Well for Living and we curate some of the most interesting stories relating to HIV in the world.  Our blog is updated frequently, to keep up to date you might want to subscribe or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.


https://www.facebook.com/lassleics.  We realise that blogs aren’t everyones cup of tea and that lots of people prefer to stay up to date on facebook which is why we link our blog posts to Facebook.  Whenever we publish a new blog post it’s automatically sent to Facebook.  It doesn’t matter if you comment on the blog or on Facebook, we’ll still see your comments.


https://twitter.com/LASSleics Like facebook, Twitter will tweet each article as we publish it.  Unlike Facebook we get involved in conversations and tweet or retweet news and information which may be of interest, not only on HIV but for sex and sex education and health related information.  Why not follow us and join in the conversation?

Instagram (new)

Instagram  (https://www.instagram.com/lassleics) is our newest social media profile and it’s run by our support worker Rhoda Thomas.  We’re short on followers at the moment and we hope you’ll visit and interact with us over there, just as you do on our other platforms.

Feel free to connect to us on any platform, if we don’t follow you already, just send us a message and we’ll gladly connect.  It’s good to talk and it’s nice to see you online!

Thanks for reading, let us know what you think in the comments below, or you can find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for more!


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One response to “We’ve gone and done it, WE’RE ON INSTAGRAM NOW!

  1. Service Delivery Manager

    Excellent platform for sharing good practice. Well done!