VIGIL TONIGHT! – Leicester Stands with Orlando!


Omar Mateen, a 27 year old man targeted and killed 50 people and injured a further 53 with an assault rifle on Sunday at a gay nightclub in Florida in America’s worst ever mass shooting.

Several LGBT leaders and groups across the UK have issued statements saying they stood in solidarity with the victims and a A vigil is planned for tonight at the Town Hall square in Leicester to show solidarity for our LGBTQ cousins in Orlando.


Please come – It doesn’t matter about your own sexuality, gender, faith, ethnicity. It’s about us all standing together to show solidarity.

It is scheduled from 6.30pm to will allow us all to stand hand-in-hand around the square in respectful silence.

A Facebook event has been set up if you’d like to register your attendance, and please share this post and the Facebook Please share the event. We look forward to seeing you there!

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