UK Research Project: Experiences of diagnosis & living with HIV in past 5 years.



Colleagues at Hull University have approached a number of sexual health organisations regarding a research project currently taking place at the University of Hull.

Their “Positively Different” study is exploring the experiences of young people (in the age range 18-35) who have been diagnosed with HIV in the past 5 years.

The research will explore people’s experiences of diagnosis, and living with HIV: this includes the challenges and difficulties people experience, as well as the things that help people live well with HIV.  We hope that the study will help to understand whether, as medical approaches to HIV have evolved, the lived experience of HIV has also evolved and changed.

The findings of this research should be of interest to people living with HIV, support organisations, and agencies providing health and social care, education and information.

You can take part in the research through taking part in a confidential online survey. This can be accessed at The survey includes questions about receiving a diagnosis, telling other people, whether people have received support, whether people’s feelings about living with HIV have changed over time.

In addition, people can take part in the research by taking part in an interview. The survey will be available until 30th April 2016.

The research is being carried out by Liz Walker ( and Caroline White ( at the University of Hull. They welcome the involvement of all members of the community, and are interested in hearing about people’s experiences, both positive and negative.  The research project has been approved by the relevant University of Hull Ethics Committee.

If you have any questions about any aspect of the research, please contact either of the researchers working on the study.

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