What’s stopping YOU from having a HIV test?


  • Have you ever had sex without a condom?

  • Have you ever had a HIV test?

Two simple questions, two simple answers.

If you’ve ever had sex without a condom and never had a HIV test, how do you know you’re HIV negative?  That’s the drive behind National HIV Test week which commenced today.

Regular readers of this blog should know what HIV is all about since it’s what we write and share about but what about people who know very little about HIV and why it’s important to get tested?

Put simply, HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) gradually attacks your immune system, which is your body’s natural defence against illness.  If you were to become infected with HIV, you’ll find it harder to fight off infections and diseases.  It’s a progressive disease and unfortunately, it’s incurable but if caught early and given the right treatment, you’ll be fine.  Although you’ll need to make sure you watch your health and stay in touch with your doctor.

A lot of people think HIV is a death sentence, that’s simply not true (click this link to find out why) but if left untreated it will cause you some problems so it’s best to get tested for HIV at least once in your life, just to be sure.  There are many others who test regularly for HIV to keep their health in check.

About a quarter of people who have HIV don’t realise they have it, and it’s very likely that untreated HIV will be passed to other people.  That’s why we’re inviting YOU and everyone (in Leicestershire) who reads this post to have a HIV test.  If you can visit us, great – we’ll be happy to give you a confidential test or if you prefer to test confidentially at home, that’s ok too!

This National HIV Testing Week think about the best HIV testing option for you.

We’re can’t tell you which is the right one, because that’s down to your personal preference.  If you’d like to visit us, head on down to 53 Regent Road, Leicester. LE1 6YF (Here’s a map) or call us on 0116 2559995.

Our Rapid HIV Test will provide your results within 60 seconds from a simple finger prick test!  We use the Insti HIV test produced by BioLytical laboratories. The test is 99.96% accurate from 90 days after  contact for detecting HIV 1 and 2 antibodies.

If you prefer to test privately, in your own home, click this link for a home sampling kit.  It’s easy to home sample, simply drop a small amount of blood into a vile and post it off to be tested.  You’ll get the results in a couple of weeks.  This service is only for people who live in Leicestershire.

Not from Leicestershire? – No problem those lovely people at NAM have built a HIV test finder service.  Head on over to: aidsmap.com/hiv-test-finder to find out where you nearest HIV test centre is.

So, you have all the information you need to have a HIV test, what’s stopping you from having one?

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