LASS Outcomes 2014/15


Traditionally, each year we publish our Annual Report.  The report gives insight into our organisation with case studies, interesting statistical information and of course a full copy of our accounts for the year.

For 2014/15, we have highlighted our achievements in our Outcomes Report which goes with our statutory accounts.

For 2014/15, we assisted 293 people living with and affected by HIV. – Their demographic information is found in the report (link below).

During 2014/15 we delivered 59 training sessions / workshops across a range of HIV related topics which were attended by 1176 individuals. Those attending are now more informed about HIV and will have a more in-depth understanding of the condition and its impact on overall health.

They will also be better able and more confident to challenge stigma and discrimination against those living with HIV, and through their greater understanding, be able to support people they work with, friends, neighbours and community members, who live with HIV. From the charts below you can see how we have reached people both in the city, county and beyond via the sessions and workshops we have delivered both here at LASS and out and about across the region.

We provided free condoms to community groups and to individuals. Condom distribution helps to achieve safe sex, prevent HIV transmission and enables discussion about HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.  Condoms are distributed in packs of different sizes with lube, information and referral contacts along with our very own  ‘Size-OH-Meters‘ – designed to reduce transmission by encouraging people to use correct size condoms. Last year we gave out over 33,500 condoms of various sizes and over 1000 femidoms.

Our Rapid Testing service continues to go from strength to strength, increasing the number of communities it  reaches and supporting people who choose to test at home.  LASS testers still provide on-going information and advice in relation to testing, and refer many more service users to Sexual Health clinics generally.  More information can be found in the report.

This year we welcomed 32,922 unique visitors to our websites & blogs, almost 4000 more visitors than last year, signifying an almost 14% rise on 2013/14! At the end of March we also had over 1000 people following us on Twitter!  (If you don’t already follow us head over to twitter and say “hi” (@lassleics).

As a result of this increased Internet traffic people are better informed about many aspects of living with HIV, updates in medication and other health and social issues that impact on those living with HIV. We know people use our website to find out about HIV testing, training sessions and events we are delivering and on behalf of the entire team at LASS, thanks for following this blog, or subscribing to our newsletter.

Your copy of the report is here.  Please click to download.

Our accounts for the year can be found here.

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