Defend HIV prevention funding for England!

The Government has announced that funding for the national HIV prevention programme in England will be cut by 50% from April 2015.

Key points:

  • The Government is reducing funding for HIV prevention by 50% from 2015
  • There is no indication that HIV transmission rates in England are reducing and there continue to be major gaps in public understanding of how to prevent HIV
  • HIV prevention funding must remain at least at current levels

We think that this is outrageous, given the ongoing high rates of HIV transmission in England and significant gaps in public understanding about HIV.

If you are based in England, please write to the Public Health Minister, Jane Ellison, and ask for funding to be continued at least at current levels for the next three years.

To do the ask, PLEASE visit Anyone can do the ask, whether or not you are signed up to the HIV Activist Network and  please share this link with anyone you think would be interested in this campaign.

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