Shooting Challenge: Week 2 Winner & Week 3: Perspective.


Doug Smith – Negative Space

Congratulations to Doug  Smith  who has won last week’s shooting challenge! His image will be added to the winners of this and the next 5 Shooting Challenges where an overall winner will be decided and a prize given.  Doug visited LASS last Thursday with a group of photographers who were using the building to shoot  fashion photography.  Doug wore a red ribbon throughout and has said he used this as a basis for a pattern stamp.


Zoe Van-De-Velde – Safe Sex

Our other entrant is Zoe Van-De-Velde who is symbolising and commenting on safer sex, how far do people go to be safe and does having HIV mean that you have to give up sex, refrain form sexual desire or stop enjoying.  Zoe has said this shouldn’t be the case and that’s what her photograph preperents.



Do you always take photographs from eye level? You’re not alone, many people fall into the bad habit of shooting everything we see from eye-level. We are walking around, something catches our eye, and we take a picture right from where we are standing. If you want to make an immediate impact in your photography, you need to change your perspective and get out of your ‘eye-level rut’.

You can change your composition by zooming in or out but if you want to change your perspective, you are going to need to move. Don’t let your feet root you to the spot, bend, turn, walk or climb.  Start working with perspective in photography and your images will thank you for it.  For more information and examples on perspective, visit Picture Correct or Tuts+.

You do not need to be a photographer to join into this competition (and if your a student of the art, we’d love to see your ideas and pictures)!  Almost everyone has a camera on their phone, everyone is capable of taking photographs – we’d like to tap into this, get creative with the gear you already have, it’s not about the tech, it’s about YOU!

This week, we want you to change your perspective from the norm and incorporate this into your photograph.  If you’re unsure what this means, quite simply, if you were to take a photo of something, completely change your position and that of your camera too and still create a stunning photograph!


Use a different perspective when composing your image. & Ensure it relates to HIV, World AIDS Day or Sexual Health.

You could photograph a red ribbon in a new and unique way, you could show us a completely different view of an object.  You could be conceptual or literal, arty, or documentary,  It’s up to you!



Adherence – Tom Robson

“Adherence” “Obedience” “Allegiance”

Adherence to a HIV regimen gives HIV medicines the chance to do their job: to prevent HIV from multiplying and destroying the immune system. Poor adherence to a HIV regimen increases the risk of drug resistance. Drug-resistant HIV no longer responds to the HIV medicines that suppresses HIV.  (For more on Adherence, visit our archive)

This could have been a shot of someone taking medicine, or a single bottle of medicine placed on a table. Instead, by changing perspective and getting close to the subject, multiple bottles reinforces the repetitive need for Adherence when taking HIV medicine.

Image Details: f/6.3, 1/60 sec ISO 1600, 1×1 crop.


  • Follow the brief
  • Send your best photos by 6PM on Sunday 16th November 2014 with “Shooting Challenge” in the subject to and we’ll announce the winner on Monday 17th November as we set the theme for next week’s shooting challenge.
  • Submissions must be your own work.
  • Photos must be taken after the challenge was published; so no existing shots please.
  • Explain briefly in your submission email the equipment, settings, technique used and the story behind the image/images.
  • We will of course credit you so if you have a website or twitter handle, let us know! – If you’re happy for us to use the images elsewhere on our site – do let us know!
  • Save your image as a JPG, and use the following naming convention FirstnameLastnameEasy.jpg
  • Anyone can enter, regardless of camera gear, or location!
  • The most important rule — HAVE FUN!
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