Positive Art Exhibition

Apex Art Exhibition Poster

Positive Art is a celebration of artistry focusing on World AIDS Day, HIV and Safer Sex.  As we know, World AIDS Day is celebrated globally each year on 1st December the exhibition will highlight and publicise the stigma which accompanies living with or being affected by HIV. The work on display will represents an artistic view on HIV and it impact in daily life.

On display will be a broad range of styles, from sculpture to painting, from photography and craft work. This is Leicestershire AIDS Support Services’ first Art Exhibition curated by Chaz Ram from both established and neophyte artists.

Core messages will include that art can be a powerful tool for social change and public debate, we will showcase our historic art, unlocked from LASS’s basement. Other messages remain to be getting to Zero, Stigma & Discrimination and how art has featured within HIV historically.

The exhibition is located at Apex Works Gallery space and will be open from 1st December 2014 until Wednesday, 17th December where it will close with the results of the Shooting Challenge.

Shooting Challenge

The shooting challenge is a photography competition open everyone, and features weekly here on this blog (click here to see the posts)


Each Monday, we’ll set a theme and ask for entrants to the photography competition.  We’ll consider the photographs and pick that week’s winner, while announcing the next week’s theme. Everyone is invited to participate in the competition.

Part of ‘Positive Art’ will focus on photography and participants in the shooting challenge are invited to exhibit their work at the exhibition. There is no need to frame or mount images as we shall do this on your behalf.


Stigmata – Zoe Van-De-Velde

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