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We at LASS would like to say thanks for reading this blog and following us on Twitter.  Not only did you give us yet another outstanding month of views, including our recent piece on The Criminalisation of HIV Transmission, but a lot of our older content is still being read, and shared.

In case you’ve never delved into our archives before, here’s a roundup and summary of the top few most popular posts in the past month.

Why are we afraid to get tested for HIV?

hiv-test-kits-300x300For some people the idea of being tested for HIV is as simple as making a note in a calendar, an entry which sits comfortably beneath a dentist appointment and above a mother’s birthday. For others, the idea of making that appointment, or taking that long walk to the clinic, is one of the most nerve-wracking experiences they can imagine. However, in an age where the numbers of people diagnosed with HIV are increasing, has our natural fear of the unknown become a luxury we simply can’t afford? (Read More)

Can Blood Transfusions Cure HIV?

cureIs it possible to cure, or at a minimum delay the effects of, HIV by simultaneously drawing infected blood and transfusing in ‘clean’ blood into the patient? You would still have tainted blood in the system, but wouldn’t this turn the clock back a bit in regard to how much of the virus is in the person’s blood stream?” (Read More)

Fighting Fire with Fire.. How HIV is Used to Cure Cancer!

If you never thought you’d see the day when you’d appreciate HIV . . . check this out, When all conventional forms of treatment were exhausted, Emma Whitehead, 6, was entered into a clinical trial where she was injected with a disabled form of the HIV virus to reprogram her immune system and genetically kill cancer cells.  The result, as seen in the video, exceeded all expectations. Emma is now in remission and her progress is being tracked everyday. (Read More)

HIV Treatment at 500 CD4 Level Would Put Half of Patients in Need of ART Within a Year of Seroconversion

HIV_Life_cycleRaising the CD4 cell threshold for the initiation of antiretroviral therapy to 500 cells/mm3 would mean that almost 50% of patients would need to start HIV treatment within a year of their infection with HIV, investigators from an international study of seroconverters report in the October 15th edition ofClinical Infectious Diseases. (Read More)

 Soy sauce molecules effectively fight HIV

soy-sauce-sq-bowlMore than a decade after a Japanese soy sauce manufacturer said it had discovered a molecule in its sauce that could be used to fight HIV, the findings have been confirmed by university scientists. (Read More)

Dear Michael Gove, you could have saved me from HIV

L AlexanderA HIV-positive teenager has written an open letter to Michael Gove asking him to make lessons about the virus a compulsory part of sexual education in schools, amid fears of growing ignorance about it among young people. (Read More)

Marks & Spencer found to have harassed and victimised female worker who contracted HIV

MandsA female employee was harassed and victimised by Marks & Spencer after she was allegedly raped by a colleague at a works party and contracted HIV, an employment tribunal has ruled.

Knowing, a short film by John Saint-Denis.

From Impulse Group and The Advisorie, comes this artistic and educational short, a sexy portrayal of a couple taking the next step in their relationship, and the influence that knowledge, communication and compassion has on their deeper connection. (Read More)

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