Care.Data – What’s it all about? (Audio & Video)


  • Do you know what Care.Data is?
  • Do you know your GP records will automatically be shared in a central database?
  • Do you realise this will start to happen in 11 days (from 1st March 2014)

If you answered “no” to any of these opening questions, you should learn about so you can make an informed choice on whether you are happy for your medical records to be included within the central database operated by the HSCIC (Health and Social Care Information Centre) a part of ATOS Healthcare.

We wrote an informative post yesterday which highlights the pros and cons of sharing your medical records with this database.  On one hand, the database could revolutionise scientific research, on the other hand many people are completely unaware how their private data is being used and shared with organisations outside of the NHS.  We encourage you to read yesterday’s post, and watch / listen to the videos below so you are informed and have the chance to opt out if you desire. (You can opt in at any time, however if you don’t opt out before the 1st March 2014, your medical records with remain on, operated by HSCIC, a part of ATOS forever).


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