Discussions with a Dietitian: Fruit & Vegetables

Each month, a registered dietician from the NHS, visits LASS to offer helpful advice and information on food nutrition and healthy eating for people who live with HIV.  Our next is session is in a week, Friday 17th August (12:00 noon) and will focus on Fruit & Vegetables.  This is an opportunity to ask questions and speak with the dietitian directly about any concerns you may have.

What we eat affects our overall health. Food can help the body to fight infections. It also provides energy so that we can carry on leading active lives.

Eating healthily can prevent weight loss or weight gain. It can lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, which helps to prevent diabetes and heart disease. Food can also help control some of the side-effects of medication.

This all means that good nutrition is an important part of living well with HIV, we do hope you’re able to join us next week.

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