Help Make Homophobia & Transphobia History!

The issue of whether marriages between same-sex couples should be recognised or not has been a a key issue in the White House recently and history was made yesterday when American President Barack Obama declared his unequivocal support for same-sex marriage, taking a bold political gamble on an issue that divides American voters just months before a presidential election.

This has been prompted by an election on Tuesday in the key swing sate of North Carolina, in which voters overwhelmingly backed a move to amend the state constitution to ban gay marriage and civil unions.

(Read more about Obama’s stance on gay marriage here)

The issue of Gay rights is not limited to America, it’s global and there is still lots of work to do in this country, and indeed our city.

Next Thursday (17th May) is International Day Against HOmophoba  & Transphobia (IDAHO Day) and the Leicester LGBT Centre (website) is opening it’s doors between 2pm and 6pm to promote awareness of the effect homophobia and transphobia have on our communities and society as a whole.  This will include stalls and information from StopHateUK, Safer Leicester Partnership, Leicestershire County Council, Stamp It Out, and many more.

More information is available from the Leicester LGBT Centre website we hope you’re able to attend and help make homophobia and transphobia history!

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