Legal Aid Campaign

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The following post is sent on behalf of Scope and The National AIDS Trust who are supporting this campaign because they are concerned about the impact proposed legal aid cuts in the area of benefits could have on people living with HIV.

For more information please contact Jamie Robertson, Scope Campaigns Officer.

Legal Aid Campaign

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We’re asking for your urgent help to keep legal advice available to all.

Legal aid is a vital lifeline, it helps people who can’t afford the cost of getting legal advice. Last year, thousands of disabled people and people on low incomes were helped by legal aid advisers to overturn inaccurate benefits decisions that had left them struggling without the means to live.

The Government is trying to take it away Yet the Government is trying to close the door of justice by taking away this vital lifeline for all welfare benefits cases. If legal aid advice is removed, people with the highest level of need will be left to navigate their way through a system that requires nearly 9,000 pages of official guidance. At a time of massive change in the welfare system, this means many people won’t get the support they rely on to lead their daily lives.

Persuade Peers that they should throw out this plan From 20 December 2011, the House of Lords will begin the next stage of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill debate, which contains this shocking proposal. If you believe that the right to justice should be available to everyone, please show your support by taking your seat in our virtual House of Lords now.

Take action now!

If we can demonstrate that there is widespread public support by filling our virtual House of Lords, we stand a good chance of persuading the real House of Lords to call a halt to these plans when they debate them in the New Year.

Take your seat in our virtual House of Lords and help maintain access to legal advice for tens of thousands of disabled people and others who rely on this vital lifeline.

Posted on behalf of Jamie Robertson
Scope Campaigns Officer

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