October Round Up

It’s time for another roundup, and what a roundup it is, all 23,000 words of it! we hope you’ve got some reading time set aside.  Here are the posts from October wrapped up together in case you’ve missed anything.  Or if you prefer, you can download the whole lot as a pdf for your viewing leisure off line.

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Poverty-Stricken Families Join a Lengthening Queue for Food Handouts

Fancy a Curry? – Join Us For Social Evening At The Cuisine Of India Restaurant

HIV Could Spread If Birth Control Injections Increase, Warn Scientists

The Red Ribbon Dress 2011/2012 Project

Commonwealth Publication Raises Concerns Over Rights of HIV and AIDS Carers

A Message of Hope for a HIV Cure from Timothy Brown

HIV and AIDS Stigma Defies Traditional Care in the Pacific

AIDS Treatment is Good Value for Money, Says New Study

Steve Jobs and HIV Apps for iOS

THT Asks Government to Legalise and Regulate HIV Home Testing Kits

UKBA proposals to deny entry or stay to migrants with NHS debt: a public health disaster waiting to happen

Questions on Tactics to Prevent HIV [PrEP]

Gonorrhea Possibly Becoming ‘Untreatable’

Increase In Life Expectancy for People Living With HIV

HIV and TB activist Winstone Zulu has Died

How Good is Sex Education in Schools?

Dating, HIV & You

Discussions with a Dietitian: Sugary Foods

Testing people with conditions suggesting HIV could pick up more recent infections, Europe-wide study finds

New MSM Panel report from Sigma Research

Blind Faith: HIV Prayer Cure Claims Three Deaths

Pill Box Organisers Increase HIV Patients’ Adherence & Improve Viral Suppression

Antiretroviral Drugs Work – This Is Why You Should Take Them!

People Get HIV Through Unprotected Sex, Not Because They’re Going For Fish Pedicures!

Pill-Popping Reminder App for iOS!

What Can We Do Now to Speed Up HIV Cure Research?

New HIV Diagnoses – UK National Overview 2001 – 2010

What About HIV? – Infographic

Gaddafi’s HIV Shakedown

Vote for Pozitude! The Website by Children Living With HIV

HIV Diagnosis Progress Hampered by Inaccurate Online Information

Preventing HIV with social media and mobile phones

Religion, HIV & Mental Health

Leicestershire Community Calendar 2012

Consultation To Start On Managing Urgent Care In Loughborough

LASS Secures Funding To Help Make The Big Society A Reality In The East Midlands.

Other Interesting Stuff We Didn’t Post But Want You To Know

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