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It’s been busy this week, with 14 articles posted in the last 5 days, we hope we’re not flooding your mailbox with too much news.  Here’s more interesting stuff we found but didn’t have time to post, we hope you find it informative.

Professionals attack the BBC for putting teachers at risk after its decision to broadcast a clip during Sunday Morning Live that compared sex education teachers to paedophiles.  Martin Robbin’s from the Guardian asks the question: Why did the BBC broadcast a clip comparing sex education teachers to paedophiles?

Prisoners in Zimbabwe are being denied condoms despite high rates of HIV – because homosexuality is illegal.  The Prison Service said last week that condoms could “encourage” illegal gay sex among the 13,000-strong prison population.

Interested in the criminality of HIV transmission? – This is a report of a man found guilty of transmitting HIV despite informing his partner (US Story) – you may find this article unsettling.  (Read more about Criminal Prosecutions here, and be sure to read up on RITA too)!

This week was ‘National Baking Week’ (who decides this stuff)? And Celebs have been baking for National AIDS Trust.  (Could you do better and bake us awareness cakes for World AIDS Day)? – Contact the Sexual Health Team with your ideas!

The diseases of ageing develop earlier in patients with HIV than in the general population, Italian investigators report in the online edition of Clinical Infectious Diseases.  Their findings suggest that an aggressive approach to the screening, diagnosis, and treatment of non-infectious comorbidities is warranted as part of the routine healthcare for HIV-infected patients.

If you think ageing before your time is scary, you won’t like the results from a recent small study suggesting that a variant of HIV that infects a slow-growing type of cell, called a macrophage, in the fluid surrounding the spine and brain of some people with HIV may be linked to HIV-associated dementia.

Remember that bizarre reporting about catching HIV from Garra rufa fish pedicures? – We weren’t the only ones who thought it was ridiculous.  The times have posted about it and NHS Choices say the evidence used was anecdotal.

Professor William Jarrett, who died on August 27 aged 83, was a veterinary pathologist whose research led to advances in the understanding of both animal and human diseases, including leukaemia and HIV.  Read his Science Obituary here.

Do you remember the Iconic ’80s television show Prisoner? It challenged its viewers with controversial topics like sexuality, rape and murder, so it’s no surprise former stars of the Australian series are coming together once again to look at another confronting issue – HIV among women

And finally, would you like to get to know us a little better?  We’re having a social evening at the Cuisine of India restaurant on Monday, 21st November, most of the staff will be there along with a number of volunteers and friends.  There is a small catch though, it’s a fundraising session so you’ll have to pay for the meal but don’t worry, half of the proceeds are going to LASS.  If you’d like to come along, read this and let us know if you’ll be there, we’d like to meet you.

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