Pill-Popping Reminder App for iOS!

Pill-Popping Reminder App Keeps You Out of the Hospital

So you know what happens if you don’t take your meds and you probably have one (or a dozen) pill box’s lying around somewhere and you even know a bit more about how HIV meds work.  All this knowledge is useless if you forget to take your meds but how to do you stay on top of it all when you’ve got so many other things to remember?

Any alarm system will do to remind you, be it an alarm clock, a watch or even a significant other.  Taking the correct medication at the right time can mean the difference between a nice evening in or a night in hospital and fortunately  for iOS users,there’s an app for that!

With the RxmindMe app, you’ll know when to take your drugs even when you’re out and about.

You’ve seen the translucent boxes with the compartments marked for each day of the week at the pharmacy and the free RxmindMe app (Android version is coming soon) is an extension to that simple system. The app not only reminds users to take their meds, it can be used to track prescriptions and store information about your doctor and pharmacy.

The app includes access to the FDA Drug Database so users can keep abreast of the medications they’re taking. And to help cut down on the confusion of look-alike pills, the app features the ability to photograph your pills.

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