– New Resource Centre on Starting HIV Treatment is a website heavy with news, information and resources from a medical viewpoint.  They use their site to lower the barrier between patients and doctors by offering the chance to speak directly with healthcare professionals and medical experts online.  They aim to demystify HIV/AIDS treatment options which they hope will improve the quality of life for all people living with HIV/AIDS.

The Body have just have just released their brand new resource centre for commencing HIV treatment, with advice on how to prepare yourself for treatment, treatment guidelines, understanding the basics, FAQ’s, interviews, personal perspectives and more.

Don’t forget that LASS service users can also contact us directly any questions or concerns you may have and we’re happy to help.  If you are affected by, or live with HIV but don’t yet access our services and you live within Leicester, Leicestershire or Rutland please contact us for help.

The number of people living with HIV in the UK could reach a record 100,000 cases by next year, according to The Health Protection Agency (HPA).  They believe that unless unless more focus is given to HIV prevention and routine testing, more people could become infected.

Do you know your HIV status?  We offer a completely free and confidential rapid HIV test  and you’ll get the results within 60 seconds from a simple finger prick test.  We use the Insti HIV test produced by BioLytical laboratories.  The test is 99.96% accurate from 90 days post contact for detecting HIV 1 and 2 antibodies.  Appointments are not always necessary, if you would like a test, please contact us on 0116 2559995

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