July Round Up

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Many people take for granted the luxury of being able to travel anywhere in the world, the BBC World Service recently ran an article looking if there are still health risks attached to HIV+ travellers.

It’s not only travellers who experience prejudice and discrimination, guidelines adopted by the Department of Health 20 years ago, and revised and republished in 2007, state that health workers who carry out certain procedures are banned from working as soon as they are diagnosed as HIV positive.  A dentist learned he was HIV Positive and he had to keep it secret so he could continue his profession but after his confidentiality was breached his contract termination was backdated to the day after his diagnosis resulting in no sick pay.  Sadly, the messages of Ryan White are not well publicised any more.

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There’s been talk about serodiscordant couples choosing to replace condoms with antiretroviral therapy and there’s a very interesting article from a youth testing perspective about the rise of HIV among 16-24 year olds.

Gilead Sciences, who are the lead maker of HIV drugs are sharing the intellectual property rights on its medicines to reduce the cost of medicine and separate to this, research suggests that Anti-HIV pills can cost as little as fifteen pence!  Tobacco plants are also being used to reduce the cost of HIV medicine.  Drug using couples are reported to reduce their HIV risk using counselling and for the first time in over a decade, there has been a drop in the number of new sexually transmitted infections in England.

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New vaccines are being developed and at the same time, countries struggle to reduce the incidence HIV even though some countries are having their entire population tested for HIV.

There’s a new exhibition at Leicester’s New Walk Museum showing AIDS Posters from Around the World and despite the level of research and the importance of HIV support services, HIV patients may even loose out because of funding cuts for specialist social workers!

Sadly, Amy Winehouse has passed away and has received much negative press in the media, speculating on the cause of her death; however we prefer to focus on her charity work which includes support for HIV causes.

Worldwide estimates in drug users show 11.3 million people have hepatitis  and only a fraction of those who could benefit are receiving antiviral drugs even though it’s reached epidemic levels in certain (localised) areas.  Find out more about Hepatitis in this video from doctor Charlton and if you’re interested in helping us identify the needs of individuals living with or co-infected with Hepatitis, you’re welcome to meet us next week in person.

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