Media as an Alternative Tool for Addressing Health Related Stigma & Discrimination

Tune in and listen to our very own Juliet Kisob now on EAVA FM where she’ll be talking on Health Promotion Hour which starts at 4pm today.  This show engages with diverse communities and most especially Black and Minority Ethnic communities to participate in an independent radio Station called ‘EAVA FM 102.5’ Leicester Multilingual Community Radio.

This is a diverse multi-lingual radio station in Leicester on which over eight different languages are spoken including Shona, Chinese, Polish, West African Pidgin, Lingala, Somali, Swahili, the main South Asian Languages and English.

The Health Promotion Hour provides an alternative information pathway for BME communities to learn, debate, share and exchange information and interaction on health related issues including stigma and discrimination. It also provides a platform for people and professionals within the health system to meet, talk and reach out to communities that they might otherwise find difficult to engage with.

The programme covers a one hour slot on a weekly basis to cover health and well being topics. The benefit of this communication channel is that it is enabling communities to talk openly about health and well being related issues. It is also reducing the gap between professionals and communities through having question and answer sessions with different organisations and services.

You can listen to EAVA FM live online from this link:

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