Gay Men! TRADE Need You!

Trade Sexual Health as part of the CHAPS Partnership is looking for gay men who live in or near LEICESTER to take part in one of two focus groups this Monday (13th June).

The group is completely confidential and will last for 1 hour.  They won’t discuss intimate details, they’re only interested in your opinions.

To take part in the focus group you will need to meet the following criteria:

Focus Group 1 – CHAPS Condom Campaign Work – Time 6pm-7pm

You will need to be a gay man, aged 25+, HIV negative or never received a HIV test

The group will look at creative concepts that might be developed for a national condom campaign later this year.  Your feedback will be used to help decide which ideas are taken forward for further development.

Focus Group 2 – Comparative Work – Time 7pm – 8pm

You will need to be a gay man, aged 18-25 and educated below degree level.

The group will look at a range of recent HIV mass media visual materials.  Your feedback will have big implications for the future of commissioning HIV mass media work.

If you meet the criteria of one of the focus groups and would like to be included, please contact TRADE for the chance to earn yourself £20.  They can only accept participants who email or ring ahead and book to be a part of the discussion.  To reserve a place or ask questions about the focus groups, contact their office directly on 0116 2541747 or email then to

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