Petition: Just hours to save thousands of gay Ugandans

Dear Subscribers, has started a petition relating to Ugandan parliamentary legislation & the rights of LGBT Ugandans. (The petition features a photo of their colleague and gay rights activist David Kato, who was murdered earlier in the year).

They are looking for signatures and have already achieved more than 1 million. Please click on the link below and consider signing the petition and forwarding it to others.

Avaaz says: “We have [12] hours to save thousands of gay Ugandans from possible execution. On Wednesday [Today, 11th May 2011], Parliament could pass a law that imposes the death penalty for homosexuality. An international outcry shelved this bill last year — if we can ramp up the pressure again and keep the gay death penalty law from reaching a vote this week, it will die when Parliament closes in two days.” Please click below and sign the petition:

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