Questionnaire HIV service users of Leicester and Leicestershire’s specialist clinics

Do you or have you ever used the following GU clinics in Leicestershire over the past 12 months if so please click on the relevant link and answer the questions that you feel are relevant to that particular service. It is really important that opinions are gauged from as many people as possible who are using these services, please share with anyone you know who you feel may like to take part.

There are only ten tick box questions with one answer, if however you would like to comment there is a text box provided. All responses are treated in the strictest confidence.

Please click on the links beside the service that is relevant to yourself which will take you t to the survey monkey questions. Please note that only one survey may be completed from a unique IP address, this means that unfortunately you will not be able to use a single workstation for more that one set of responses.

GU at Leicester Royal Infirmary

GU at the Leicester General Hospital

GU at Loughborough

IDU at Leicester Royal Infirmary

If you would like to make any further comments concerning the issues raised in this survey please could you email in strictest confidence to: ian

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