12 people woke up on Sunday morning to find their limbs black and blue with bruises and muscles aching after a long and hard day of vigorous exercise running around fast attempting to dodge paintballs, paint grenades and smoke bombs all in the name of winning points in frenzied, crazed exhilaration.

This is the day that LhivE, became a united tactical unit, had *lots* of exercise and enjoyed tremendous fun.

The day started with the Marshalls diving all present (about 100) into teams (we became Black Ops 😉 and given a very comprehensive safety talk on how to conduct ourselves and use the equipment safely.

We were all issued with a.68 calibre semi-automatic paintball gun with a 200 shot ammunition magazine, the author of this article took the game quite seriously by shouting “My rifle is my best friend. It is my life…

The games were a flurry of excitement, capturing the flag, scoring goals, protecting a VIP member of your team and general free for all’s (all whilst getting your clothing and boots filthy dirty and not caring about it one bit)! You don’t need to be fit to play the game but you need stamina and not be afraid of getting hit by paint balls traveling at 200 miles per hour and the determination to succeed when your enemy is advancing toward you.

We encourage anyone who is curious about paintball to give it a try and on behalf of everyone who had a thoroughly good time on Saturday, thank you to LhivE for organising the event. We look forward to another one soon.

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