Volunteers Forum (City). 5.30pm – 7.00pm, Thursday, 17th March 2011

VAL is running a Volunteers’ Forum, a meeting for, largely, city based volunteers to give us a take on the volunteering landscape as seen by volunteers themselves.

They are interested in their take on what motivates volunteering, what’s changing, Big Society, and what VAL can feed in to the policy arena to amplify the voice of volunteers, not about their specific role and circumstances, but about the volunteering scene generally.

The event is predominantly a cluster of mini focus groups on aspects of volunteering, which hopefully will be enjoyable. It is also in a largely informal way a civic occasion, being in the Town Hall Council Meeting Chamber, and with the Lord Mayor welcoming attendees and thanking them for their volunteering.

The agenda is attached below. It is a reasonably brief event, and it’s their hope that some LASS volunteers might be interested to attend. This opportunity is being sent to the Volunteer Network members first. To get a range of interests and demographic, They’re seeking up to, but no more than, five volunteers per organisation.

If you’re interested in attending, please contact LASS so we can pass your details to VAL.

Volunteers’ Forum Agenda.pdf

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