Active Together Workplace Challenge

LASS are pleased to register as an organisation in the Active Together Workplace Challenge. The challenge is aimed at organisations in Leicestershire to promote a more active lifestyle and offers innovative methods to stay active. It’s a fantastic method to motivate and inspire individuals and a brilliant opportunity for businesses to build a healthier and happier workforce.

It’s free to join and once registered there are many tools, resources and support available to help achieve your activity goals and compete for prizes along the way.

The Active Together Workplace Challenge will reward participants with some fantastic prizes and exclusive events over the upcoming months. In addition to all of the specific benefits detailed below, there are also lots of long term benefits to your health.

· Prizes of £2,000 will be awarded to the top two organisations (based on overall activity points earned and CO2 reduction). There will also be individual prizes throughout the duration of the challenge to keep your motivation levels high.

· The Challenge will run until the end of June 2011, in the lead up to the UK Corporate Games, which are being held in Loughborough between 14 and 17 July 2011. To celebrate this, a series of Inter-Workplace Competitions & Events across a variety of sports will be held throughout the Challenge, exclusively for Active Together Workplace Challenge participants.

· The Leicestershire Cycle Challenge is a fun, free competition to encourage your workforce to remember the joys and benefits of riding a bike.

· By being part of the Active Together Workplace Challenge, your organisation can also gain bonus points for working towards the Leicestershire & Rutland Health & Wellbeing Award.

To be a winner, you’ll have to put the effort in!

We have a profile and we invite you sign up with LASS and help contribute to our points, so if you sign up, be sure to join us!!

You can also use their website to find out about exclusive events and download leaflets and PowerPoint documents for promotional purposes.

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